Practical Programming With Nim

The greatest challenge in computer programming is translating theory into practice. We can proclaim the merits of immutability, fault tolerance, and whatever else all we want- if our tools make those things overly complicated or excessively time-consuming, then we will never act upon our words. In this series of screencasts, I will introduce the Nim language, illustrating its pragmatic approach to software design.

This is an ongoing series.

1 - Introduction to Iterators

2 - Iterators in Action: Finding all the Prime Numbers


What editor/font/etc is that?

Kate is the text editor used in the videos. The font is IBM Plex Mono, with Fira Code's ligatures. My syntax highlighting file for Kate can be found here, and my color scheme can be found here.

I have an idea for a video!

Please give me your ideas! It is extremely helpful. Talk to me on IRC (rizon/#dailyprog or freenode/#nim), or put something in this thread on the Nim forum.

Can I download/save/share your video(s)?

Sure. These videos may be downloaded, copied, distributed, and modified under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0). View the terms of the license here.