About Me

Some guy on the internet. I am an undergraduate student at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, majoring in computer engineering. My areas of expertise lie primarily in embedded systems, C programming, and ARM. However, I also dabble in a variety of other fields, including web backend, hobby electronics, and systems software development.


The below list of projects is a general summary of some of the more interesting things I have made over the last year or so. My GitLab page has all of these, plus other miscellaneous smaller projects.

RyukOS: An experimental real-time embedded operating system. Replaces the UNIX "everything is a file" philosophy with "everything is a socket." More of a proof of concept than anything else, and used mostly as a platform for me to try out ideas on.

Weblisp: A lisp dialect and interpreter that combines HTML, CSS, and CGI scripting into one homogeneous syntax. Designed to allow for fast development of simple websites. Interpreter is capable of "precompiling" Weblisp files, generating an optimized form that can be run through the interpreter again later, but with better performance than running the original script directly. A minimal (though not very useful) version of weblisp requires less than 1000 lines of code. Written in C.

AWSome: (WIP) the Amazon Web Services SDK for the Nim programming language. Code is almost entirely generated directly from Amazon's official specification.

YTBot: A Flask-friendly library for adding music metadata to YouTube music bots. Just give it YouTube video ID, and it will spit out metadata retrieved from last.fm. Outputs are formatted to be easy easy to integrate into user-facing applications. Currently deployed alongside tswf and verboten as part of our RTMP music streaming service. Written in Python.

lurk.py: A simple multithreaded 4chan image scraper. Give it thread numbers, and it will continuously download new photos posted to those threads. Poorly written in Python.


If the idea of hearing my voice seems exciting for some reason, you can go listen to me talk while programming here. Videos are on hold since I don't have enough time to make them currently, but more should be coming this summer.